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Whisper Phones
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#SL2007Small WhisperPhone (K-4th Grade)$9.49
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Whisper Phones

Whisper Phones

About Whisper Phones

Whisper Phones are hands-free, acoustical voice-feedback headsets that help learners hear phonemes and their own voices more clearly. Designed to help students read, write, spell, memorize, focus, and process language aloud; Whisper Phones strengthen the learning process by intensifying the sound of one's voice and minimizing auditory distractions. Users are able to focus much better on what they are learning and classrooms are actually quieter because children only need to use a soft voice to hear themselves clearly. Hands-free, lightweight, and comfortable to wear--Whisper Phones can be used in either ear. Dishwasher safe and maintenance-free (no batteries or wires).