Cut and Paste Sensory Diet CD
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Cut and Paste Sensory Diet CD
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Cut and Paste Sensory Diet CD

About Cut and Paste Sensory Diet CD

Everything you need to create colorful, customized sensory diet books for both home and school! My Sensory Diet Book for School has 14 pages that feature common school day activities like riding the bus, staying in line, snack, cafeteria, recess, and more. My Sensory Diet Book for Home has 14 pages with activities to do: when I wake up, at breakfast, for homework, bathtime, shopping, and more. Each page has a heading with 4 empty squares-you select the appropriate picture-word activity cards and paste them in the squares. Includes 160+ picture word activity cards that cover tactile, proprioceptive/heavy work, vestibular/movement, oral, auditory, relaxation, smell, coordination, motor planning, and balance. Colorful, cute, and easily recognizable graphics with a short word description. Just print out the reproducible books and picture cards, then cut and paste. One of the best investments you'll make all year!