Mini Bilibos 6-Pack
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Mini Bilibos 6 Pack
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Mini Bilibos 6-Pack

About Mini Bilibos 6-Pack

The sky's the limit for all the ways there are to play with Mini Bilibos! This fun motor skill building play set includes 6 brightly colored, extra durable Mini Bilbos that kids can "play with" as a baby all the way into adulthood! These neat open-ended, educational learning toys can be used as a sand or water table scooper, for stacking / nesting / toppling play, as a bathtub boat, spinning top, fairy bed, candy bowl, for catching snowballs, or as mini garages for your hot wheels cars. Just let the kids loose, no instructions are needed. Designed for ages 12 months-up. Each set includes 6 dazzling bright mini 5" bilibos in blue, red, orange, yellow, green, and pink. Phthalate-, BPA-, and latex-free. For ages 12 months-up.