Skinny Mini Spinners Fidget 3-pack
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Skinny Mini Spinners Fidget 3 pack
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Skinny Mini Spinners Fidget 3-pack

About Skinny Mini Spinners Fidget 3-pack

Innovative fidget spinners that look like a bright red cherry (or other brightly colored) lifesaver that's peppered with raised sensory bumpies! These incognito sensory fidgets are the perfect quiet fidget for school, church, meetings, travel, waiting rooms, church... everywhere! Skinny Mini Spinners help develop intricate fine motor finger skills as fidgets twirl and spin away! Sensory seekers love these unique tactile fidget tools that make a perfect silent classroom fidget tool. You'll love this new focus toy that measures close to 1" in diameter. For ages 5 to adults. Sold in 3-packs.  Colors vary.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.