Hairy Tangles
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Hairy Tangles

Hairy Tangles

About Hairy Tangles

Hairy Tangles are colorful, silent handheld sensory fidget tools that sensory seeking individuals can’t resist twisting, twirling, coiling around their fingers, gently tugging, and running their fingers through!  The tactile rubbery “hairs” on this neat Tangle are excellent for hair pullers, skin pickers, and other fidgety sensory seekers.  Hairy Tangles are made up of 16 super texturey links in a rainbow of dazzling bright colors; links that can be taken apart and put back together exercising fingers.  An extraordinarily tactile, finger strengthening sensory tool for individuals who just can't keep their fingers off texturey objects.  Ages 3 - adults.  SUPER COOL!

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.