Furry Tentacles Fidget
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Furry Tentacles Fidget

Furry Tentacles Fidget

About Furry Tentacles Fidget

Furry Tentacles Fidget is a sensational new sensory tool with gobs of furry thick, velvety soft tentacles you can rub, pinch, twist, and roll with your fingers.  Use this spectacularly tactile fidget to massage your palms and arms – or to firmly pat your cheeks / lips to wake up facial muscles and help desensitize oral hypersensitivity.  This toteable, silent fidget tool is ideal for classrooms and quiet fidgeting in public places; an ideal travel sensory tool to tuck in backpacks and mom's purse.  Kids can pretend it's a wiggily creature from the sea or a fringy sponge for their play kitchen; there's endless ways to incorporate it into pretend sensory play to help with tactile defensiveness.  We love it and know you will, too! 3-up.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.