Tri-On Pencil Grips
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Tri On Pencil Grips

Tri-On Pencil Grips

About Tri-On Pencil Grips

Tri-On Pencil Grips are innovative customizable pencil grips that double as a finger strengthening fidget tool! These unique triangular-shaped grips come in 2 sizes that can be used separately, nested in each other to form a larger-sized grip, or can be turned inside out / transformed into a cloverleaf-shaped pencil grip! Created by a renowned handwriting expert, Tri-On grips feature tiny ridges that help hold your fingers in place; the unique shape naturally facilitates functional 3-finger grasp and helps prevent finger fatigue. Sold in 4- or 20-piece sets  which include both medium and large-sized Tri-Ons; the mediums fit most pencils and pens, the large ones fit most markers and crayons.  A revolutionary handwriting tool for school classrooms, home, or the office. 4-packs contain 2 of each size; 20-packs have 10 of each size. Colors vary. AWESOME!

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.