Jumbo 12.5" Glitter Tube
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Jumbo 12 5 Glitter Tube

Jumbo 12.5" Glitter Tube

About Jumbo 12.5" Glitter Tube

Our Jumbo 12.5" Glitter Tubes are a magical visual, eye candy fidget!  These durable water tubes contain gorgeous glistening stars, shiny moons, and 1000s of tiny colored beads the color of bright blue ocean waves that have soothing snowy whitecaps as they swirl, roll, and coil around.  Twirl it like a baton, tip it side-to-side, or flip it upside down and just gaze at this mesmerizing fiddle.  A visually soothing, self-regulation tool for focus and calm. Colors may vary.  Designed for children ages 5 to adults.