Neato Crittter Dohjee Balls
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Neato Crittter Dohjee Balls

Neato Crittter Dohjee Balls

About Neato Crittter Dohjee Balls

NEW!  Irresistible 1-1/2" Neato Doh fidget balls with a rubbery costume around them!  These silky soft dough-like sensory balls are perfect for little fingers and discreet fidgeting fun.  Neato Critter Dohjee Balls come encased in a removable stretchy critter "costume" that little fingers love taking on and off; they provide loads of fine motor, finger strengthening, tactile fidgeting fun!  These wonderfully satisfying sensory delights feel like you’re kneading fluffy whipped potatoes.  Assorted colors and critters.  AWESOME!

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.