Slime Bubble Fidgeter
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Slime Bubble Fidgeter

Slime Bubble Fidgeter

About Slime Bubble Fidgeter

NEW!  There's nothing else quite like this unique fidget shape that has addictingly cool, rubbery slime-filled bubbles designed to gently push, squeeze, and squish!  Sensory seekers, skin pickers, tactile lovin' fidgeters, and those with restless fingers are OBSESSED with our new Slime Bubble Fidgeter!  A fun figit choice for occupational therapy activities, indoor recess, fidgeting in front of the tv, or as a travel toy.  This neat fiddle makes a squeaky squishy sound when you push on the bubbles/force gel thru the maze paths.  Created for older kids, and teens,  – this neat sensory toy is designed for moderately gentle use.  Please note – the gel-filled bubbles may break or burst if they are poked with a sharp object or squeezed too hard. Shapes and colors may vary.  AWESOME!

Not for children under 6 years.