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Chewy Megapack™ for Kids
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Chewy Megapack for Kids

Chewy Megapack™ for Kids

About Chewy Megapack™ for Kids

New!  Awesome chewy tool mega superpack for kids! Hand-selected by our pediatric occupational therapists, this exclusive Therapy Shoppe chewy tool sampler kit features 10 of our most popular chewies for children:  a Lollichew, Robot Chewy Necklace, Scented Textured Jr. Chew Stixx, a Softzilla Jr. Chewy Necklace, Bumpy Dog Tags Necklace, Chewable Tubes Necklace, Topperz Chewy Pencil Topper Tube, Star or Train Pencil Topper, a Brick Chewy Pencil Topper, and one of our brand new Stretchy Chewy Bracelets. An amazing variety of favorite chewies, textures, and colors –  hand picked for children ranging in ages from 3-10. Product styles and colors will vary. *Product substitutions may occasionally be necessary.

*Please note - all chewy jewelry and chewies require adult supervision, need to be inspected frequently for wear, and replaced at the first sign of breaking down. The life span of any oral motor chewy tool depends on the frequency and degree of use. Chewies are not returnable.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.