Heart-Shaped Chewy Fidgets
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Heart Shaped Chewy Fidgets

Heart-Shaped Chewy Fidgets

About Heart-Shaped Chewy Fidgets

NEW!  Our new Heart-shaped Chewy Fidgets are like colorful, rubbery "worry stones" kids can gently chew on and fidget with.  Nice and texturey, these chewable focus fidget tools are a great choice for oral sensory seekers who also need some type of fiddle to keep their hands busy to help them focus more efficiently. Kids love the thumb-print indent and scallopped edges.  Pleasing random colors.  Designed for gentle chewing, ages 3-up.

Please note - all chewy tools and chewable fidgets require adult supervision, need to be inspected frequently for wear, and replaced at the first sign of breaking down.  The life span of any oral motor chewy tool is dependent on the frequency and degree of use. Chewies are non-returnable.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.