Single Sensory Scarf (Juggling Scarf)
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Single Sensory Scarf Juggling S...

Single Sensory Scarf (Juggling Scarf)

About Single Sensory Scarf (Juggling Scarf)

Kids love the silky soft texture of these magical scarves! A fabulous sensory fidget for wrapping up tiny treasures, hiding little hands/feet, or providing calming massaging input. Scarves also make a fun tool for developing eye-hand coordination, motor planning, and right-left awareness skills... have kids throw them up in the air and try to catch 'em with a variety of different body parts as they gently float down (right elbow, head, left knee, face, back, foot, etc.) Tactile seekers will adore these beautifully colored scarves! In assorted bright solid colors. Also sold in 3- and 12-piece sets (find these options by doing a quick search for "juggling scarves").