Ridged Deep Pressure Sensory Rolling Pin
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Ridged Deep Pressure Sensory Rol...
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Ridged Deep Pressure Sensory Rolling Pin

About Ridged Deep Pressure Sensory Rolling Pin

This sturdy 21" sensory rolling pin is an amazing self-regulation sensory tool for sensory seekers who like deep pressure input! Features a ridged, rubbery roller that provides comfortably firm, even, calming deep pressure input; with bumpy handles that provide a nice little touch of extra tactile input. The roller portion is made of a durable, non-porous, latex-free rubbery thermoplast that's easy to keep clean with soapy water or bacterial wipes. This neat sensory diet tool is excellent for the classroom, home, clinic, or for traveling; place it under kid's desk and it doubles as a focusing foot fidget! A popular tool for individuals who have autism, sensory processing disorders, Tourette's Syndrome, and other sensory-seekers who like to use deep pressure input to self-regulate.