Floating Polka Dots Gel Timer
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Floating Polka Dots Gel Timer

Floating Polka Dots Gel Timer

About Floating Polka Dots Gel Timer

Flip this cool sensory gel timer over and watch colorful drops of gel trickle down....! This mesmerizing visual fidget is very calming and relaxing. Provides a simple way to take a soothing little sensory break at home, school, or at your work place. These neat little timers make a nice self-regulation tool for older children and teens – and a great stress reliever desk toy for homework, office breaks, meetings, and long phone calls. Constructed of sturdy plastic but will crack, break and/or leak if dropped. Colors and designs may vary a bit. For ages 5-up. YES! It takes approximately one minute to run its course.

*Please note gel timers are designed to be a visual sensory tool and not a toy for children; adult supervision is needed.