Ishy Squishy Ball™ 2-pack
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Ishy Squishy Ball 2 pack

Ishy Squishy Ball™ 2-pack

About Ishy Squishy Ball™ 2-pack

These unique new sensory fidget balls are an excellent choice for individuals who are challenged with body-focused repetitive behaviors  (BFRBs) like dermatillomania, trichotillomania, or finger nail biting.  Fingers can't resist these squishable, squeezable, pickable 1-1/4" fidget balls that have oodles of circular stretchy craters you can poke and squeeze your fingers inside.  Ishy Squishy Balls™ make a wonderfully satisying squishy gishy sound when you manipulate them; these cool balls feel sticky to the touch but don't leave any residue on your fingers!  An especially popular choice for skin pickers and poppers. Come in random pastel and neon colors.  Sold in 2- packs as one of these just isn't enough! 

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.