Super Shaggy Neato Ball
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Super Shaggy Neato Ball

Super Shaggy Neato Ball

About Super Shaggy Neato Ball

Once in a blue moon a really amazing squishy squeezy tactile sensory ball comes along – and Super Shaggy Neato Doh Fidget ball is it! You'll be crazy about this sensationally soft, dough-like ball that has a ravishing shaggy rubbery skin.  It feels like you're kneading a handful of fluffy mashed potatoes!  Shaggy Neato Ball is an amazing sensory fidget tool for tactile sensory seekers, hair pullers, and touchy feely fidgeters.  Designed for gentle fidgeting; this amazing ball will potentially break if it's over-stretched or poked with sharp objects, etc.  For older children, teens, and adults – ages 3-up. Comes in dazzling random colors.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.