Standing Desk Conversion Kit
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#CL111824" Standing Desk Conversion Kit$114.99
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Standing Desk Conversion Kit

Standing Desk Conversion Kit

About Standing Desk Conversion Kit

This innovative kit converts school desks into standing desks using specially designed leg extenders! Students who struggle to sit for long periods often benefit greatly from standing desks which can help improve focus, attention, memory, posture (core strength activation), and engagement. The combination of proprioceptive and subtle movement input with fidgeting can be very calming and helpful in reducing "fidgety energy" without leaving ones' desk!  This economical Standing Desk Conversion Kit is designed for school-age students and is made for school desks that have round, 1" diameter desk legs. The leg extenders raise the current height of the desk 16" to 23" higher (depending on the desk).  This neat kit also includes a stretchy bouncy foot rest fidget that's positioned in the middle under the desk, making it easy to raise/bounce one leg very comfortably. You'll save hundreds of dollars (vs. purchasing a commercial standing desk) with this amazing conversion kit for home or school classrooms! 

*Please note the leg extenders in this kit are designed for round, 1" diameter desk legs. They aren't compatible with square or wooden desk legs (or desks that have low-to-the-ground cross bars).