Reptile Scales Thinking Putty
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Reptile Scales Thinking Putty

Reptile Scales Thinking Putty

About Reptile Scales Thinking Putty

This extraordinary new Thinking Putty is saturated with texturey, sparkly "Reptile Scales!"  This amazingly sculptable putty is unlike any other sensory fidget putty on the planet!  Its gloriously unique scaley texture has a tiny touch of gooey and gritty, but isn't sticky or greasy.  Phenomenal for tactile fidgeting fun – and best of all, it never dries out.  Kids and teens (especially those who are tactile sensory seekers) will go crazy over this focus fidget finger candy!  Nice for pretend play at home or school, keeping restless fingers occupied, and building finger strength.  For "kids" of all ages 3-adults.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.