Feelings & Emotions Conversation Cards
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Feelings & Emotions Conversation Cards

About Feelings & Emotions Conversation Cards

Delightful set of 48 animal-themed picture cards that help children (and others) learn how to analyze and read body language, gestural cues, and facial expressions – in an enticing, child-friendly way!  Each 2-sided card features a colorful illustration of a social interaction between 2 or more animals; with 4 situational questions / prompts about what’s taking place on the back. These neat conversation cards are a terrific social emotional teaching tool for early learners, those with developmental delays, individuals on the autism spectrum, and others who need help learning / practicing how to recognize and express feelings, emotions, empathy, social cues, and multiple points of views. For learners of all levels, ages 3+.  You’ll love this timeless, award-winning set!