Exploding Emotions Feelings Cards and Game
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Exploding Emotions Feelings Cards and Game

About Exploding Emotions Feelings Cards and Game

NEW!  Neat feelings emotions activity cards that provide helpful social emotional learning experiences and doubles as a fun "Apples to Apples" style scenerio game! Created by a speech therapist, this delightful set includes: 40 beautifully illustrated (labeled) emotions cards with helpful coping strategies on the back, and 70 oversized 2-sided "how would you feel" scenerio cards (140 everyday situations in all!)  This versatile set provides fun and engaging ways to teach how to express feelings & emotions, read facial expressions & body language, interpret what others are thinking & feeling, and how to emotionally self-regulate using simple coping strategies. Designed for children 6+, but also helpful for teens and adults who have autism, developmental, or memory challenges that result in social emotional struggles. This emotional intelligence set is ideal for home, classroom, or therapy . . . we love Exploding Emotions and think you will too!