Assistive Technology

We offer a unique selection of low-tech assistive technology devices for home, classroom, and clinic use: helpful reading and writing tools, specialties that assist with low vision and visual perceptual challenges, shoe tying helpers, low-cost communication tools, visual timers, left handed products, focus and sensory tools. Wiggle seat sensory cushions, ergonomic seating devices, ear muffs for kids and other noise reduction tools, weighted vests, glare-diffusing light filters, sensory kits, and much more! Occupational therapists and teachers especially love our slant board for writing that puts hands in just the right position for handwriting, and all the left handed products we offer for students! Come discover our huge line of weighted lap pads and other weighted products that provide calming deep pressure input. Let Therapy Shoppe meet your low tech therapy needs with our exclusive weighted lap pad that includes a custom fleece cover, our quality slant board for writing, specialty left handed products, and hundreds of other low-cost assistive tools for handwriting, dressing, daily living, focusing, fidgeting, and lots more!