Weighted Vests and Other Weighted Tools

Promote increased concentration, focus, organization, body awareness, sensory processing, and motor control with our weighted therapy tools, calming deep pressure specialties, and other helpful sensory integration products like a weighted blanket, weighted lap pad, deep pressure vest, sensory sox, and more.  Check out our exclusive line of weighted vests that include the weights, weighted lap pad that comes with a comfy soft fleece cover, our wipe-clean weighted blanket or washable weighted blanket, therapeutic hand weights, weighted plush toys, weighted writing tools, pressure belts, weighted gel lap pads, sensory fidgets, and more.  Therapy Shoppe® offers a wide variety of affordable, high-quality sensory integration products that provide organizing tactile input, calming proprioceptive input, and effective sensory feedback for home, school classrooms, OT, PT, travel… anywhere!