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Tubes & Dropper Fine Motor Kit
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#FM9424Tubes & Dropper Kit$9.99
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Tubes Dropper Fine Motor Kit

Tubes & Dropper Fine Motor Kit

About Tubes & Dropper Fine Motor Kit

New!  This neat new fine motor kit offers tons of fun ways to build bilateral finger coordination and eye-hand coordination skills! This kit includes a colorful plastic dropper with a giant squeezey bulb handle (that kids can use for water dropper fun or finger blower play), two 3" jumbo plastic test tubes with screw-off caps, and a sturdy test tube stand. We also offer an optional Add-On Sorter Kit that includes a 40-pack of Mini Pom Poms, a 50-pack of Mini Sorting Shapes, a Tizzor Sorting Tongs™, and a Skinny Mini Squeezer Tongs. The therapeutic, skill-building fine motor skills activity possibilities are sky high with the awesome finger play kit!