Social Rules for Kids
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Social Rules for Kids
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Social Rules for Kids

About Social Rules for Kids

New! Phenomenal new resource for all those kids who don't know what to say to whom... how to word things when talking to their peers... what to do when... or how to make and keep friends. Created especially for kids-tweens-teens ages 7-14 who have learning difficulties, spectrum disorders, and other types of challenges that make it difficult to figure out unspoken social rules, this invaluable resource does a beautiful job teaching kids how to navigate the obstacle course of social skills. Each page features one social rule with concise instructions, specific suggestions, and tips that are presented in a well-organized, easy-to-understand visually simple format. Includes well-chosen, important topics such as: Talking and Listening, Friends, School, Bullying, Feelings, Body Language, Manners, and Things to Remember. If you are a parent of a child who struggles socially, or you work with kids that desperately need help in this area – this is THE BOOK to buy! BIG THUMBS UP to Social Rules for Kids!