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Dinner Winner Plate
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Dinner Winner Plate
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Dinner Winner Plate

About Dinner Winner Plate

New!  Neat game-board-like dinner plate that features 9 separate food compartments that help motivate kids, keeps different foods from touching each other, and make it fun to eat small portions of different types or new foods! Colorful kid-friendly graphics, positive words of encouragement (in the bottom of each compartment such as yummy! good job! keep it up!) and a covered "finish" compartment where you can "hide" a surprise treat... all make this novel plate lots of fun and  motivating for eaters. Dinner Winner is a great choice for slow eaters, "picky" eaters who have oral sensory challenges, and for individuals with memory challenges who may get distracted easily and forget what they are doing while eating (as it naturally encourages small bites and a sequential eating order which helps keep mealtimes moving). Made of 100% food-safe melamine that is dishwasher-safe. A great choice for wide variety of eating challenges.