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Fluxy Fidget Finger Strengthening Ball
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Fluxy Fidget Finger Strengthenin...
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Fluxy Fidget Finger Strengthening Ball

About Fluxy Fidget Finger Strengthening Ball

New! A GREAT SENSORY TOOL and FIDGET FOR HAIR PULLERS! Fluxy Fidget Finger Strengthening Ball is a one-of-a-kind fidget that provides lots of entertaining ways to keep your brain fired up, restless fingers busy, and hands strong. This rubbery 2-1/2" sensory fidget ball has 12 finger holes you can poke your fingers inside and 3 fabric tails you can pull out, plug back in, twirl, toss, or swing around (using both hands). Fluxy is a perfect pocket-sized fidget and stress buster office desk toy for older kids, teens, and adults. Manipulating and pulling out the tails provides a phenomenal finger workout (that is too difficult for most younger children)–and provides a satisfying "tug" desired by many hair pullers. This very unique sensory ball is available exclusively from the Therapy Shoppe®!

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.