Swinging Seals (Finger Strength Toy)
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Swinging Seals Finger Strength ...
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Swinging Seals (Finger Strength Toy)

About Swinging Seals (Finger Strength Toy)

Colorful one-piece, wooden toy makes a fun hand strengthening activity and is great for developing fine motor skills!  Squeeze the handles to make the colorful little seal flip over the top!  Vary how hard or fast you squeeze the handles and make him do other fun gymnastics tricks!  See if you make him stop halfway or up at the top?  Swinging Seals are a wonderful occupational therapy toy for learning to grade fine pressure. Kids can play using one or both hands. Everyone will have fun playing with this nostalgic toy that's designed for children, teens, and adults! For ages 3-up.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.