Medium Puller Picker Balls™ 3-pack
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Medium Puller Picker Balls 3 ...

Medium Puller Picker Balls™ 3-pack

About Medium Puller Picker Balls™ 3-pack

NEW!  Your favorite sensory fidget balls for hair pullers in a smaller 2" size!  Medium Puller Picker Balls™ features a satisfying texture that’s a little bit tickley and a little bit scratchy.  These 2" yarn balls have 100's of long intertwined glittery strands that can be pulled out.  Skin pickers love digging their fingers way down deep inside them; hair pullers love pulling the shiny strands out. These exclusive Therapy Shoppe® fidget tools are great for scab and skin pickers / poppers, hair pullers, finger nail biters, dermatillomania, trichotillomania, and others sensory seekers.  Designed for teens and adults – not for young children or animals.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.