Wavy Chips for Skin Pickers™ 2-pk
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Wavy Chips for Skin Pickers 2 pk
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Wavy Chips for Skin Pickers™ 2-pk

About Wavy Chips for Skin Pickers™ 2-pk

Our awesome new Wavy Chip Fidgets™ are realistic-looking, sturdy (rubbery) potato chips with fiddle ridges that are just perfect for skin pickers, finger nail biters, stressed out folks who have restless fidgety fingers, and tactile sensory seekers who like to strum, trace, dig, and run their fingers across/inside unique texturey surfaces! These neat chips come in a 2-pack that will keep all your fingers and both hands busy – or you can share one with a friend or your favorite co-worker. Chips measure 3-1/4". They make a terrific office desk toy, too. Best of all, they double as coaster! You'll love 'em!

*Please note these are designed for tweens, teens, and adults (and NOT for chewing or biting).