Teenie Weenie Neato Ball 3-pk
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Teenie Weenie Neato Ball 3 pk

Teenie Weenie Neato Ball 3-pk

About Teenie Weenie Neato Ball 3-pk

*PLEASE NOTE – Due to unforeseen supplier issues, we just learned these cool teeny Neatos will not be available until late June.  Our apologies for this unexpected delay.  Please check back for updates!

NEW!  Irresistible Neato Doh fidget balls in a perfect 1-1/2" size! These silky soft dough-like sensory balls are just perfect for little fingers and discreet fidgeting fun. Teenie Weenie Neato Balls come in 3-packs with 3 brightly colored squishy squeezable fiddle balls. These wonderfully satisfying sensory delights feel like you’re kneading little handfuls of fluffy whipped potatoes! AWESOME!

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.