Wiggle Bubble Balls
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Wiggle Bubble Balls
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Wiggle Bubble Balls

About Wiggle Bubble Balls

NEW!  Squishy squeezy 2-color sensory ball with ooey gel and a thick polka dot rubbery coating.  Gel bubbles burst thru the circular cut-outs when fidgeters squeeze them!  A favorite fidget stress ball for gentle, silent fidgeting.  Restless fingers will be enthralled as they squash, squeeze, explore this visually appealing tactile fiddle.  A great choice for home play, school recess, quiet corners, and sensory breaks; makes an entertaining travel and office desk toy, too.  Designed for gentle fidgeting fun – please note Wiggle Bubble Ball will potentially break and/or leak if it is overstretched or poked with a sharp object.  Recommended for ages 5-adults.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.