Weighted Unicorn Plush Wraps
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Weighted Unicorn Plush Wraps
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Weighted Unicorn Plush Wraps

About Weighted Unicorn Plush Wraps

NEW!  Kids adore these furry soft plush weighted animals that love sitting on laps, shoulders, and nuzzling necks!  Our Weighted Sherbet Unicorn is a fabulous self-regulation tool for proprioceptive deep pressure touch; sensory input that can be wonderfully effective in helping calm and focus the bodies/minds of kids-adults. This 2.5 lb., 22" snuggly Unicorn comes in pretty pastel colors that look like rainbow sherbet – with metallic hooves, ears, embroidered eyes, and a sparkly golden horn. Makes an awesome weighted lap pad/under-your-desk fidget tool for those with ADHD, autism, sensory processing differences (hypersensitivity to touch or difficulty sitting still), and other self-regulation challenges. Unscented and surface washable. 3-up.