Snuggily Weighted Bear Wrap
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Snuggily Weighted Bear Wrap
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Snuggily Weighted Bear Wrap

About Snuggily Weighted Bear Wrap

NEW!  Kids love these snuggly soft, furry plush weighted animals that adore sitting on your laps, shoulders, or nuzzling your necks!  Our Snuggly Weighted Bear Wrap is an effective self-regulation sensory tool for providing weighted deep pressure touch input that's so calming, organizing, and focusing for many kids, teens, and adults with sensory differences or focusing challenges.  The 2.5 lb., 22" bear is one of our softest weighted animals and has fluffy ears and paws. It doubles as a weighted lap pad or under-your-desk touchy-feely fidget tool for tactile sensory seekers, and individuals who have ADHD / focusing challenges, tactile defensiveness, or difficulty sitting still.  These darling plush weighted tools are surface washable. For ages 3-up.