Pop Em Critter Pals™
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Pop Em Critter Pals

Pop Em Critter Pals™

About Pop Em Critter Pals™

Magical little 4” tactile fidget critters with oodles of bumpy sensory “bubbles” that are delightfully satisfying to push & pop in and out!  Each of these irresistible little creatures has 6 suction cups on the bottom so you can stick 'em on your desk, notebook, or under your desk (they stick to most smooth surfaces)!  These bubble popper pop It like Critter Pals are a fun new version of our popular bubble popper sensory toys and are great for reducing stress while keeping anxious minds and restless fingers happily engaged.  A great popping sensory ball for hair pullers, skin pickers, nail biters, stimmers, and those who struggle with anxiety disorders, BFRBs, or OCD.  These addicting sensory figit tools will help keep you on track and focused all day long!  In random assorted colors and styles – collect them all!

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.