Swirly Gel Squeeze Ball
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Swirly Gel Squeeze Ball

Swirly Gel Squeeze Ball

About Swirly Gel Squeeze Ball

Fidgeters LOVE this unique rubbery ball that's filled with colorful water gel that swirls as you squeeze, creating mesmerizing visual effects!  An especially nice silent fidget tool for visual sensory seekers.  Great eye candy for reducing stress and anxiety; it provides a nice calming effect.  This neat tactile ball is ideal for quiet spaces, as an office desk toy, or as a calming coffee table toy for teens-adults.  Swirly Gel Squeeze Balls are designed for gentle fidgeting and will potentially break and/or leak if it's overstretched or poked with a sharp object.  Recommended for older children, teens, and adults.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.