Neato Mushroom Balls
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Neato Mushroom Balls

Neato Mushroom Balls

About Neato Mushroom Balls

Awesome squishy squeezy Neato fidget ball with a mushroom-shaped "cover" that can be taken on and off (and used as a separate, stretchy figit toy)!  It's like getting 2 fidgets in one!  Squish, squeeze, and gently stretch this unique fiddle sensory tool . . . it feels like kneading fluffy mashed potatoes!  You’ll love this fabulously tactile finger-strengthening fidget toy that's especially nice for hair pullers, skin pickers, anxiety relief, and reducing stress.  Neato Mushroom Balls are designed for gentle use (and will potentially break and/or leak if it's overstretched or poked with a sharp object).  Recommended for children, teens, and adults, ages 5+. Random bright color combos.  COOL!

Small Parts. Not for children under 5 years.