Washing your hands continues to be the #1 tip recommended by experts from the Center for Disease Control for preventing the spread of Coronavirus (and other viral and respiratory illnesses).  Here are some ideas for making handwashing more fun for your kids during this crucial time where handwashing for at least 20 seconds is so important.

1.  Park a few favorite toys outside the bathroom for your child to play with after they wash their hands.

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2.  Provide a custom soap dispenser in the bathroom that your child hand-decorated with stickers, markers, glitter, and other fun crafty things.  Or use one that has a cute animal or favorite animated character on it.


3.  Sprinkle some glitter "fairy dust" on your child's hands as they soap up and have them "magically" make it disappear as they scrub and rinse it away. Kids love doing "magic tricks!"

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4.  Use colorful, scented, foaming, and/or fun-shaped soap to help make handwashing a pleasurable sensory experience.

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5.  Incorporate a song into your child's handwashing routine to help ensure they scrub for the full recommended 20 seconds.  Have everyone in your household set a good example by singing their own songs during handwashing.  Here's some popular choices that meet the 20-second requirement:

The Birthday Song (have your child sing it twice)

Alphabet Letter ABC's Song

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star



6.  Consider using a visual gel timer and have your child wash until the timer "runs out."  Get a little extra scrubbing time in with our Liquid Motion Gel Timers that have a neat little spinnng wheel and take about 35 seconds for all the gel to run throught it. 

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7.  Wash your hands everytime your child does!  If your child is old enough and is good at multitasking – the two of you can make silly faces in the mirror as you wash, tell knock-knock jokes, or chat about something you'd like to do together (such as a game you'd like to play, what's been the best part of your day so far, what you're having for dinner, etc.).



8.  Provide handwashing "tools" that will help motivate your child to wash their hands – things like:  a foot stool that makes it easy for your child to reach the sink comfortably, their own fluffy colorful, hand towel (one with zoo animals, Disney, or cartoon characters on it can be a great incentive), etc.

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9.  Consider using a sticker chart to provide an incentive for handwashing.  Every time your child washes his/her hands, they get a sticker.  Getting to pick which sticker they want can sometimes be enough of a reward in itself for young kiddos.  For kids that are a little older, brainstorm some fun rewards together that they can choose from when they get so many stickers (a small prize, getting to pick what to watch on tv after dinner or which game to play that night, or perhaps 10 minutes of extra screentime or a special dessert, etc.).

Handwashing Reward Chart1


Click here for a Free Handwashing Sticker Chart

Do you have other fun handwashing ideas or tips that have worked well with your kids that you'd like to share with other families?  Please send them to us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Who would have thought washing your hands could be so much fun....?  Happy handwashing!


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