Super Sale Sensory Spoon
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Super Sale Sensory Spoon
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Super Sale Sensory Spoon

About Super Sale Sensory Spoon

*Please note that this all super sale items are non-returnable.

This neat sensory spoon is great for developing self-feeding skills in young children!  Designed by two occupational feeding therapists and a speech-language pathologist, this sensory spoon is a great feeding tool.  The textured handle fits comfortably in baby's mouth and naturally prevents gagging.  Made of a soft, durable material.  For ages 7mo - 3 years.

*Please note - all chewies, chewy tools, and chewy jewelry require adult supervision, need to be inspected frequently for wear, and replaced at the first sign of breaking down. The life span of any oral motor chewy tool depends on the frequency and degree of use. Chewies are non-returnable.