Super Sale Cloud Matchmaker Game
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Super Sale Cloud Matchmaker Game
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Super Sale Cloud Matchmaker Game

About Super Sale Cloud Matchmaker Game

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Cloud Matchmaker - A matching game that goes sky-high to help visual perception!

Draw a hexagon-shaped card. Now, place it in the holder and study it. DON'T let anyone else peek.

Use your linked chain to recreate the cloud formation that you see.

Whoever is first to guess which cloud tile, (face-up on the table) is the same one you're designing with the linked chain gets to keep that cloud tile!

You've got to look closely. Watching your opponents create from another angle can be deceiving. But, practice makes it easy - IF you can get your head IN the clouds and into the game!

Cloud Matchmaker

  • Determine which tile matches the shape a player is making in the chain links
  • Builds visual perception skills, concentration, social interaction
  • The 6-sided cards are differentiated (by color) for focus on easy, medium, difficult
  • Identify which cloud formation is being made with the chain to collect a card
  • Collect as many cloud formations as possible
  • Includes 24 wood tiles, 24 cardboard cards, card holder, 1 chain