Alpha Dough Uppercase Letters Kit
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Alpha Dough Uppercase Letters Kit
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Alpha Dough Uppercase Letters Kit

About Alpha Dough Uppercase Letters Kit

You'll love this hands-on, multisensory learning tool for teaching letter recognition and correct letter formation of uppercase alphabet letters!  Kids roll the dough into rope shapes and for the letters using the dough on jumbo alphabet (pattern) letter cards.  The backside of each of these endlessly resuable wipe and write cards features tracing and writing practice; also includes 5 fun, double-sided picture/letter match and dot-to-dot activities!.  This neat alphabet learning kit includes:  3 tubs of colored dough (red, yellow, and blue), 31 reusable uppercase write and wipe letter cards, 5 double-sided cards featuring fun dot-to-dot and picture/letter matching activities, a dry erase marker, and step-by-step picture instructions / directional arrows on how to form each letter.  This smart sounds and alphabet learning activity set is chock full of fun ways to teach children early childhood literacy skills. A superb value!