Reversal Stopper Bracelets
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Reversal Stopper Bracelets

Reversal Stopper Bracelets

About Reversal Stopper Bracelets

NOW also AVAILABLE IN a TEEN-ADULT SIZE!  You'll love these teacher-designed, student-tested bracelets that help decrease or eliminate letter reversals!  These smart bracelets contains upper and lowercase Bb and Dd, with a ball and dog graphic.  Students can refer to the bracelet when writing capital or lowercase b’s and d’s to decrease their confusion and help correctly copy/form those letters.  Your choice of a sleek black reversal stopper bracelet that has easy-to-read white letters and graphic – or you can also choose pink or blue that both have bold black letters and graphics.  Made of latex-free, non-toxic silicone.  One size fits most elementary-age students.  Our brand new Teen-Adult Reversal Stopper Bracelets are sold individually and come in black only.  The sampler kit includes black and pink bracelets. AWESOME!