2-in-1 Wooden Sensory Brush
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2 in 1 Wooden Sensory Brush
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2-in-1 Wooden Sensory Brush

About 2-in-1 Wooden Sensory Brush

Beautiful wooden sensory brush with natural, medium-coarse bristles; brushing with these remind us of a luxury spa experience! Our 2-in-1 Wooden Sensory Brushes offer a soothing way to provide calming tactile sensory input and stimulation. This 5” oval brush has a hand strap and features a removable 11" handle. The strap facilitates being able to provide very firm and even deep pressure input. Children can brush themselves or adults can be the ones to brush their arms, legs, and backs. A great sensory tool for sensory seekers, individuals who have autism, and other tactile input lovers that can be used dry or wet in the bathtub.  Adult supervision is needed.

*Please note brushes are sold individually (2 brushes shown in the photo are to demonstrate how the handle is removable)!