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Super Sale Choiceworks™ Visual Support System

About Super Sale Choiceworks™ Visual Support System

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Choiceworks Visual Support System for Children with Autism Your children will gain confidence, control and a sense of accomplishment as they navigate tasks and behaviors successfully. Developed with the support of top doctors and child development professionals, the Choiceworks System is made up of three boards; a schedule board, a waiting board and a feelings board. Each board is supported by a short story to read with your child to introduce the system. Unique Features: The Schedule Board [Blue] makes daily routines a lot more fun and easier to do. Supported by 40 visual symbol magnets, your child can get through morning and bed time routines, get ready for school, go to appointments, and more. Your child chooses his/her reward for successfully completing the tasks. The Waiting Board [Orange] teaches your child the skills for waiting, turn-taking and not interrupting. Through pictures your child is shown what they can do while they are waiting. It even includes a convenient timer! The Feelings Board [Green] supports your child's ability to gain self-control by providing clear alternatives and expectations. Once they have gained self-control the choice wheels provide options for what to do next. A parent manual is included which explains how to use the system and provides helpful hints and suggestions. The Choiceworks System includes: 40 Visual Magnets, 1 Universal Storage Easel, 3 Choiceworks Companion Books, 1 Dry Erase Marker, 1 Digital Timer, 1 Parent Manual, 1 Wall Mount Hardware.