Fidgeting Button Phone
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Fidgeting Button Phone
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Fidgeting Button Phone

About Fidgeting Button Phone

If you love pushing buttons or clicking pens, you’ll love this new phone-shaped fidget made by our friends at Bouncy Band. Fidgeting Button Phone features 25 small squishy buttons that you can push, tap, and quietly "click"; with an indented bar at the bottom to rub your fingers in. This premium quality fiddle phone makes a terrific silent fidget tool for decreasing stress and boosting focus in classrooms, the office, at home, or while traveling.  A great choice for subtle, socially acceptable fidgeting; no one will notice this 2.5"x5.5" fiddle is not a real cell phone or calculator.  Hair pullers, skin pickers, finger nail biters, those with tic disorders, ADHD, OCD, or others who have restless fidgety fingers will love these. Safety-tested and latex-free.  In black.  For ages 3-adults. Awesome!