How Am I Feeling Activity Cards
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How Am I Feeling Activity Cards
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How Am I Feeling Activity Cards

About How Am I Feeling Activity Cards

20-piece set dazzling flash cards featuring 40 different feelings! Each vibrantly colored emotion card features a beautiful illustrated, kid-friendly picture with a written word that describes the emotion; the flip side of each card features the opposite feeling, word, and picture. How Am I Feeling Activity Cards are an amazing set that helps teach children to understand, label, and express what they feel. An effective and fun way for parents, teachers, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, social workers, and others to teach emotional intelligence! Kiddos will learn what it means to be excited, disappointed, loud, worried, silly, happy, angry, friendly, nervous, shy, and more; 40 emotions in all. These super sturdy flashcards are a perfect 6'1/2 "x 5" size; ideal for little to adult-sized hands. Excellent for early learners, children on the autism spectrum, non-verbal kids, and others who struggle with expressing or describing feelings. You'll love this timeless set!