Bilateral Tossing Darts
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Bilateral Tossing Darts
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Bilateral Tossing Darts

About Bilateral Tossing Darts

Neat toss 'n catch dart toy is designed to spin through the air when it's thrown and nearly always lands upright!  Fun for working on bilateral skills, eye-hand coordination target practice, visual tracking, shoulder stability, and much more.  This unique bilateral tossing dart can be used for occupational therapy activities like target toss / practice play,  obstacle courses, or use them with badmitton-type rackets; a fun toy for indoor or outside play! Pair them with our premium activity hoops for even more therapeutic options (see below).  This versatile 1" x 3" toss 'n catch toy has a rubbery tip and is for ages 3+.

Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.