Donut 5 lb. Weighted Blanket
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Donut 5 lb Weighted Blanket
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Donut 5 lb. Weighted Blanket

About Donut 5 lb. Weighted Blanket

NEW!  Vibrantly colorful and fun 5 lb. weighted blanket that provides weighted deep pressure input that can be an effective sensory tool for helping to calm and slow down many individual's nervous systems.  These neat furry soft blankets feature quilted panels that ensure even weight distribution, and are weighted with environmenntally-friendly, nnon-toxic glass beads (that are the texture of fine sand).  A perfect self-regulation tool for promoting sleep and relaxation, calming sensory breaks at home, as a focus booster at school, and more.  Our 5 lb. Donut Weighted Blankets measure 57" across and can be spot washed (only).  Designed for ages 6+.  *Adult supervision is required.

WARNING:  Not for children under 6 years old.