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Super Sale Bright Lines Blue Narrow Paper

About Super Sale Bright Lines Blue Narrow Paper

*Please note that this brand new Bright Lines Blue Narrow Notepad has a bent corner.  Otherwise in brand new, unused condition.  All super sale items are non-returnable.

The yellow specialty paper you love now also comes in BLUE! Occupational therapist-designed, this visually simple paper features the lower writing area highlighted in bright sky blue, indicating where the lowercase letters are placed. Solid bars (lines) and white shading naturally help draw the writer's visual attention to the writing area. Letters are more easily formed and spaced correctly with Bright Lines paper! Comes in 3 different styles: Kindergarten paper with 6 extra wide, horizontal lines; Regular with 8 medium-width, horizontal lines; or Narrow with 14 vertical lines of narrow rule. Each tablet of Blue Brightlines Paper contains 50 sheets of heavy-weight, easy-to-erase paper. An effective writing tool for children and teens who have attending challenges like ADD or ADHD, individuals with visual perceptual difficulties, low vision challenges, or other special needs children who are multisensory learners.