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Calming fidgets and sensory tools can be wonderfully helpful for decreasing stress and anxiety. Right now it's more important than ever to keep your hands and favorite sensory tools clean during during this time of the highly contagious Coronavirus; especially any sensory tools used in public places or taken outside of your home.
We offer a wide selection of TRUE wipe clean specialty products that can be sanitized on-the-spot with antibacterial wipes, spray – and/or washed in hot soapy water. Some are dishwasher safe, too! Now's the time to do everything in your power to keep your children, patients, and clients safe and healthy. Here are some of our customers' favorite choices:

Bahama Blue Squishy Sensory Gel Pad

This gorgeous 7"x16" squishy gel pad is filled with calming "bahama ocean blue" colored gel and oodles of tiny glittery stars, with 2 disc-shaped marbles and 3 black rings restless fingers can use as targets. This versatile self-calming tool is also marvelous for developing fine motor finger skills and eye-hand coordination.

cropped bahama blue


Tumbling Bubbles Gel Timer

This calming visual sensory tool is wonderfully soothing candy for your eyes. It features tiny gel droplets in 2 beautiful colors that zig zag back 'n forth, dancing down a mini gel stairway. Flip it over and the gel ballet begins again. Perfect for a little nervous system re-set anytime you feel overwhelmed or overstimulated.

 1551990176 gel timer diagonal visual fidget therapy w300 h300


Wipe Clean Weighted Shoulder Wraps

These one-of-a-kind, unscented TRUE Wipe Clean Weighted Shoulder Wraps provide wonderfully calming deep pressure input as they hug your shoulders and upper back. A nice alternative to weighted or deep pressure vests. Weighs 4.5 lbs.

1577715751 wipe clean weighted shoulder wrap therap w300 h300












Mini Spiral Glitter Wand

Mesmerizing 6" wands filled with gorgeous colored gel and glittering stars that coil and dance together. A magical, visually soothing, anxiety reliieving sensory tool. 

1553267250 mini glitter wand i spy wonder tube ther w300 h300


Gel Waves Tactile Pad

Neat squishy, squeezy fine motor sensory gel pad features 2 side-by-side sparkling gel waves that contain small plastic discs you manipulate through the dazzling blue and yellow waves. Makes a wonderful calming weighted lap pad, too! 

1577731916 gel wave lap pad weighted therapy shoppe w300 h300











Snazzy Snappers

This sensational new finger strengthening, stress-relieving rubbery fidget square fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Give it a good squeeze, then release it for a wonderfully satisfying "popping" sensation. These fidget snappers are especially nice those who struggle with hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting, and for providing deep pressure input to hands and fingers.

 1583241721 snap perz fidget therapy shoppe watermar w300 h300

Wipe Clean Weighted Lap Pads or Blankets

You'll love our TRUE wipe-clean weighted lap pads or blankets that can be effectively be sanitized on-the-spot with wipes or anti-bacterial spray. Both are filled with non-toxic, hypo-allergenic poly pellets that provide calming deep pressure input. Constructed of a durable laminate fabric, both choices have a colorful print fabric on one side and coordinating solid fabric on the other – it's like getting 2 in one!


fixed 1566911065 wipe clean weighted lap pad deep pressur w300 h300


Mini-O Finger Figits™

You'll LOVE these calming, chunky, silky smooth 1-1/2" fidget donuts that are made of latex-free, food-grade silicone. These feel amazing for spinning, and sliding up, down, and around your fingers. 

 1580486667 mini o finger figit therapy shoppe fidge w300 h300


Glittery Gel Shapes

Breathtaking glittery gel shapes in 5 different geometric shapes; all are filled with colorful (or clear) gel and tiny sparkling stars. Wonderfully calming for quiet fidgeting and finger strengthening sensory input.

1578332190 glittery gel shape fidget therapy shoppe w300 h300


Volcano Gel Timers

Super cool gel timers featuring a volcano-like mountain filled with 1000's of tiny red bubbles that "erupt" everytime you turn it over! This mesmerizing sensory tool is a great choice for calming spaces and quiet focus breaks.

1581106656 volcano lava timer sand therapy shoppe w w300 h300


Sensory Gel Maze

Glittery green, multisensory sensation that's senational for strengthening finger and soothing fidgeting fun! You'll be amazed how children's attending and focusing abilities increase as they manipulate the disk through squeezy, gel-filled paths. Best of all, this neat sensory toy can double as a weighted lap pad!

1580410907 sensory gel maze weighted multisensory t w300 h300


Stick and Pop Fidgets

One-of-a-kind suction fidget toy that help build finger strength as you push, squeeze, and squish 'em together – and then pull 'em apart to make them pop! Skin pickers, hair pullers, finger nail biters, and tactile sensory seekers love the deep pressure input and "popping" sensation they provide.

1564765545 stick and pop fidget 5 pk therapy shoppe w300 h300



Imaginations soar as the hours fly by bending this 15" rubbery band into infinite shapes and designs! Silent, safe, and easy to tuck in your pocket.

1578597535 bendeez fixed watermarked w300 h300

7 lb. Rectangular Gel Weighted Pad

Sensationally squishy squashy, 7 lb. Rectangular Weighted Gel Pad that features calming blue colored gel and a sea of shimmery floating stars that sensory tactile seekers adore! Provides calming deep pressure input that helps bodies feel calmer, better grounded, and more relaxed. A great choice for individuals who have ADHD, ADD, Tourette Syndrome, SPD, or anxiety disorders.

1572532682 rectangular gel weighted lap pad therapy w300 h300


Squishy Gel Bead Fidget Squares

Irresistible squishy squashy 4"x4" fidget squares with 100's of tiny colored gel beads inside! You'll fall in love this neat palm-size sensory tool!

1577714292 gel bead squares blue therapy shoppe wat w300 h300


Sensory Stones

Feel anxiety and tension melt away as you rub these silky smooth gemstones between your thumbs and fingers. A very soothing, pocket-sized fidget to tuck in and take along everywhere you go.

1572360094 sensory worry stones fidget calming tool w300 h299.87179487179


Please feel free to give a call or shoot us a note if we can assist you, we'd be glad to help! 

– Your Therapy Shoppe family 🌷 


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